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Our clients

"It is with great pleasure that I am in the position to give a positive recommendation for OB2B. During the past 2 years our company has been working with OB2B. This company is accredited in the line of their activities and offers high quality services. We can say that we have always been satisfied by their work. We are pleased to recommend the services of OB2B to do business with."
Natalia Potasheva
Global Sales | Netcetera GmbH
"With their professional approach, the OB2B team developed a highly customized program to meet our telemarketing, digital marketing and sales training requirements. Using leads from different sources we obtained highly qualified appointments, all the while maintaining excellent sales support and complete transparency through weekly reports and meetings. We're delighted to work with OB2B, we find them to be reliable, dedicated and very effective partners."
Michael Carney
Director of Sales | HAProxy Technologies

B2B lead generation with a multi-channel approach

We cover the entire presales process with a personal approach to you and your clients combining the following services:


Get highly qualified B2B leads with telephone and e-mail communication. Predictable revenue for your company!


Human interaction + software tools = Highly qualified leads | We use LinkedIn prospecting campaigns and B2B live chat.


You can outsource any B2B sales process to us. But if you’d rather keep it in-house but you need some advice on how to do or improve your processes, we’ll be glad to share our know-how.

Skilled SDRs and BDRs

Daily improvement of our sales and business development representatives in multiple areas of communication and sales skills. Meet and approve your representative before the start of the project!


All our representatives have earned a college degree, and lived in German and English speaking countries.


Our representatives are constantly attending in-house sales educations (individual and group). They are capable of using your CRM (Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive…)

Our strenghts


All of our representatives are constantly honing their knowledge and skills with continuous and active involvement in various sales projects. Get to know your Team before the project starts!


Success isn't about booking quick appointments; it's about building relationships with prospects and as a result standing out from the crowd.


The key to our success is an open and transparent relationship with our partners. Fast reaction times, suggestions for improvement and understanding of our partners’ company philosophy allow us to appear as an internal member of the sales department.


Real-time insight, sales automation and clean data hygiene are must-haves for a quality presales process. With our setup, we want to make the work easier, more transparent and more focused both for our partners and ourselves.

Sales Activities

All multi-channel sales activities can adapt to the specific needs of the client.

Inbound calls

Representative is there to handle every incoming call from your potential clients.

Outbound B2B telemarketing

Our representative makes qualified appointments with decision makers and generates leads for your sales team.

Follow up E-mail

Our representative sends customized emails after the call and stays in touch with prospects.

Follow up calls

After sending the follow-up email, our representative will call the prospect at the scheduled time.

Data mining

In addition to the main goal of our project, you will also receive useful data mining - information collected throughout the project about your potential customers, which you can use for lead targeting and thus develop your sales strategy in a targeted manner.

Live chat

If a potential client is on your website, the representative will take care of them and use chat software to qualify the lead.

Lead investigator

The representative uses software to identify companies that have visited your website so that they can qualify them through other means (telephone/email).

LinkedIn Prospecting

Our representatives source, qualify and reach new prospects based on your criteria, using multiple platforms to find the right decision maker.

Anything you want

Is there a part of sales where you still need support? Be it just writing a suitable email or creating a meeting presentation for and with you. Then let us know and we will help you reach your maximum sales potential.


For precise price information please contact Dominka!

B2B Telemarketing
Online Lead Generation


Works with new inbound leads and leads that are already familiar with your company.


Specialized in finding, contacting and qualifying leads.




4/8h per day




4/8h per day

Why isn't OB2B a call center?


We want you to feel like it's your employee, even though they're sitting in our office. It is therefore of great importance to us that you get to know the person you will be working closely with even before the start of the project.


Your representative is not a robot reading from a script, but someone who can think for themself, adapt to the sales situation and do everything that your own employee would do.


You always know how the project is progressing - you can reach your representative at any time by phone, email or online meeting and you can see real-time KPIs and reports on the project.


OB2B is not a call center offering telemarketing services. In addition to using phone and email, we combine these services with online lead generation to increase the number of qualified leads.


Our agency is located in Zagreb, Croatia (EU).

The minimum duration of our outsourcing services is one month or 80 hours.

Our sales outsourcing services are prepaid. Depending on the project, we can make adjustments. We offer a simplified billing model, our clients pay their representatives by the hour. No hidden costs, no additional fees. You will always know how many calls, contacts and work hours have been processed.

Depending on the services required for your project, we will recommend a suitable outsourcing model.

  1. Contact us and we will listen to your needs.
  2. Together we choose an adequate outsourcing model and set a start date for the project.
  3. We work out a detailed project proposal, which you confirm.
  4. Before the project starts, we have a one-week preparation – we learn everything about your products, services and corporate culture. You will also get to know your representative before the preparation starts.
  5. We start the project!
  6. We will contact you regularly and provide insight and real-time, weekly and monthly reports on our progress.
"Cooperation with OB2B was a great multi-channel business development support. Their handling of different channels like chat, Social Media and Outbound Calling meant a lot to the campaign and opened great opportunities with potential clients. The transparency, weekly briefings and overall communication was excellent, along with the results of qualified appointments."
Markus Kieslich
Head of Marketing | Uniscon GmbH
"It is with great pleasure that I am in the position to give a positive recommendation for OB2B. During the past 2 years our company has been working with OB2B. This company is accredited in the line of their activities and offers high quality services. We can say that we have always been satisfied by their work. We are pleased to recommend the services of OB2B to do business with."
Natalia Potasheva
Global Sales | Netcetera GmbH

Get in Touch

How to contact us?

Since the multichannel approach is our way of reaching out to prospects, it would be quite unusual not to offer our future partners the possibility to reach out to us on various channels.

So, if you want a quick, real-time response between 8am and 5pm CET, you can use our live chat tool.

You're more of a talker? Great, so are we! You can reach us at:
+49 30 1663 9652.

You’d rather write us a few lines about what you’re looking for? Then simply use the contact form that you see right next to this paragraph and let us know how we can help you achieve your sales goals. Of course, you can always do the same by sending us an e-mail.

And if you were wondering if it is okay to connect with us on LinkedIn, all we can say is that we'd be honored if you did so.

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